Monday, September 26, 2016

Hollywood Undead - No. 5

Band:  Hollywood Undead
Genre:  Rap Rock
Language:  Strong

So in case you haven't guessed from the last two posts and the kinda mess of a theme that Title Track Teusdays were you'll know that I've got a couple opinions about stuff like that and the "change" album.

Well this isn't the title track, but we gonna talk about it anyway.

I feel the need to toss this out there, I really do like this band despite all the negative things I may or may not say.  I've got a lot of criticism for bands that I like because I tend to hold them to a higher standard.  HU made a huge mistake though when they decided to kick Deuce out of the band.  Sure, they had their issues and I'm sure things would have gone worse, but musically they took a huge hit when he left.

Sure, I love the American Tragedy album, it's got some of my favorite tracks on it and is all in all a great album.  You do kinda hear in it though that the edge that the music in the first album had at times was gone.  You can argue that they got better equipment and the change in their sound was simply a reflection of the fact that they actually had more to work with.  I'm pretty strongly of the opinion that that's not the case though.

As the albums have gone on and Deuce's influence has lessened the old edge that the music had has slipped away.  Don't get me wrong, the later albums have still had solid songs that have the old school edge to them, but it's only 1 or 2 tracks in an almost 15 track album.  You can tell that the party songs on the original albums were the ones that the other members of the band worked on more and that the songs with an attempted message usually came from camp Deuce.

Like I said, the new music has it's appeal, I know a lot of people really enjoy the new stuff and there's a lot of things to like about it, it's just a direction that I didn't really want the band to go in.  This is probably greatly due to my Nu-Metal obsession, but I was really hoping that 2nd Wave Nu-Metal would rise up from HU's popularity.  They're going down a different path though and I'm forced to listen to some of their old material and wish for things that'll never happen.  Still a good time and there's lots of other bands though, so I'm sure I'll get over it.

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